Whirlstrom Studio
art glass beads and jewelry
Jen Brooks
Encinitas, CA USA

I grew up in Southern California, like to read, play soccer, run, bike, boogie board, swim, I
knit, garden, cook and more. My day job is being an analytical chemist.

My newest activity is making glass beads. Wow, it's a lot of fun. I use a propane oxygen
fueled torch and Italian glass rods called Effetre. After I make a bead on a stainless steel
mandrel coated with a clay-like substance, the bead (still on the mandrel) is placed into a
950 F kiln. At the end of my bead making session a computer program is started that
holdsthe kiln temp at 950 F for a half hour after which the kiln temp is ramped up to a 960
F soak and then sllooowwlllyyy ramped down to room temp.

What's a Whirlstrom?
I made this word up and it is a combination of Whirl and Maelstrom. Maelstrom is a word for
a Norwegian whirlpool  The swirling and whirling of the bead making process plus all the
information and activities encountered on a daily basis...now that's a Whirlstrom.