March 06, 2010

Olympic Shalom

022810 Shalomfinish.jpg

I started and finished Shalom out of Cascade Ecological wool in shade 9008 during the Olympics. Not as big of a challenge as other knitters but I didn't know if I could finish a sweater in 17 days so it was a challenge for me. Here are the specs: US 10.5 knitpick circulars and I used 2 skeins with 150 grams left over. The sweater is mighty warm and the fit is ok and my buttonholes subpar, so I'm giving my self a bronze, even though the yarn harlot has a gold medal for everyone.

January 16, 2010

Lace Ribbon II

011610 LaceRibbonRubyPort_Detail.jpg

whew. I finished knitting a second Lace Ribbon Scarf. Knitty Spring 2009. I am done with that pattern! Both were knit with Sundara Sport Silk. Very nice yarn. I made a "cobalt over med." for my mom and this "ruby port" one for me. The ruby port silk bled all over my hands when I knit giving me red hands. Nice. The red yarn had some small runs of very white yarn that i didn't like so when I was washing out the nonbonded color I added vinegar and used hot water for the first wash to set the color and darken up the white bits. Then I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. It is a long scarf I used two skeins (450 yds) on size 4 needles. The blue scarf  I used the same needles but only cast on 44 instead of 53 stiches and used up 1.5 skeins. I want to use the rest of the blue for a skinny scarf.

January 02, 2010

2009 Lists



1. 0112809_BlueLaceRibbonScarf, 2. 112209 DenimBrownRedBag, 3. 091509_DenimDiagonalRib, 4. 103109_TrekkingXXL, 5. 102409SunflowerBag01, 6. Modified Gentlemans Sock heel, 7. Negan's Purse, 8. Elegant Rib, 9. DropsCardigan, 10. Crazy Socks March 2009, 11. Chevron Scarf Detail March 2009, 12. ChocolateHedgerowSocksHeel02 

Started in 2008 and Finished in 2009
Drops 68-8 Lace Cardigan in rowan glace (if don’t want a zipper) (1250 yds)
Started and Finished in 2009
Hedgerow Socks from Knitters Review in Hazel Knits Sock in Chocolatier (400 yds)
Chevron Scarf from Last minute Knitted Gifts in Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Crazy Color 6-ply / 6-fädig (408 yds)
Toe up Plain socks in Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Crazy Color 6-ply / 6-fädig (272 yds)
Modified Gentleman’s socks from Interweave Knitting Vintage Socks in Sundara Sock in Green over Lime (400 yds)
Elegant Ribbed Socks from Interweave Favorite Socks in Louet Gems Sport Weight, Cement colored (200 yds)
Diagonal Rib Socks from Interweave Favorite Socks in Hazel Knits Sock in denim (400 yds)
Ribbed socks in Trekking XXL leftover from broadripple socks (230yds)
Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty Spring 2008 in Sundara Sport Silk in Cobalt over Caribbean (337 yds)
Total yardage: 2650 yds + 1250 for cardigan = 3900 yds
Totals: 6 pairs of socks, 2 scarves, and 1 cardigan
Started in 2009
Lace Ribbon Scarf II from Knitty Spring 2008 in Sundara Sport Silk Ruby Port (450 yds)
Tangled Yoke Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 07 in Rowan Rowanspun 4 Ply (1620 yds)
Dotty Felted Bag from Mason Dixon Outside the Lines in Noro Kyreyon and Patons Classic Wool Merino (890 yds)
Still did not finish in 2009
Install Zipper in Cable Yoke Jacket from Debbie Bliss in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Plan and execute Felted Design on already knitted and felted Sophie Bag from Mag knits in Patons Classic Wool
Plan for 2010
Finish 5 items listed above in Started in 2009 and Still Did Not Finish in 2009
Start and Finish at least 4 pairs of socks (~300x4= 1200 yds)
off the top of my head I would like to knit
fruit loop
Stained Glass Scarf from Holiday Knits in Feb Hazel Knits Sock Club Yarn  (~600 yds)
Use remaining Feb Hazel Knits Sock Club Yarn to knit spiral striped socks (~200 yds)
Paper Crane cardi with Habu Merino wrapped stainless paired with habu bamboo lace aka Metal Crane (~2000 yds)
Eco wool cardi  (~1200 yds)
Noro Cash Ihora top down raglan cardigan (~1000 yds)
4 pairs Felted Slippers for guests using patons classic wool



November 08, 2009

HazelKnitsSockClub Oct2009


October's yarn from Hazel Knits. Love these colors but will I knit socks or something else with these? I know many people are looking for non-sock patterns for 1 skein of sock yarn. I'm going to keep looking until I find something that will work. Right now I am knitting a Lace Ribbon Scarf out of sundara Sport Silk and while the yarn and pattern are lovely (so soft) it feels like it is taking forever and I am only 200 yds into it (out of 400). I plan on knitting the majority of the yardage in a wide lux scarf and the remainder into a skinny skinny scarf.

October 31, 2009

Socktober 2009

This year for socktober I made one pair of socks out of leftover Trekking XXL. I used the majority of this yarn in 2006 . I loved they way the yarn looks and even though I have a lot of sock yarn lined up I decided to use the remaining 50 g for a simple pair of toe up two at a time 2x2 rib hourglass heel socks on size 1 Addies. Since there was so little yarn there is only a small cuff. They don't match at all but nobody sees these in my clogs.




October 21, 2009

Fabric Bags

060209 LunchSack.jpg

I like my fruit lunch bag so much I made another for a friend. I like this one better. The fabric combo goes together a little better plus I made an inside pocket for pens and stuff.

060209 LunchSackInside.jpg


I made the bag below as a gift packaging for a young friend of my son's. The main fabric is from IKEA. My son picked the yellow ribbon for the handles.


August 08, 2009

Denim Diagonal Rib Socks

070509 DiagonalRibSocksHazelKnitsDenim.jpg

I'm using Hazel Knits Denim for Interweave Knits diagonal rib socks. I modified the pattern to do toe up two at a time on one circular (size 1) with hour glass heels. I am about 5 inches up the leg and want to use most of the yarn.

 Here's a link to a really neat contest for a felt cake.


July 05, 2009

Past the Armpits

070509 Tangled Yoke up to the Yoke.jpg

I am knitting the Tangled Yoke cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2007 with Rowanspun 4 ply. For such a fine yarn it fills a lot of space after knitting with US 5 needles. I have knit the body and the sleeves and am now working on the yoke. I've got a couple if plain inches before I start the pattern on the yoke. I am thinking that this project will hang out in a bag until winter because unless it is a cool summer, knitting with a lap full of wool ....


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