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May 29, 2005

Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship
I started the dead simple top, finished the back and started the front before I decided that I didn't like the feel of the fabric and wouldn't want to wear this so I stopped then and there.
On to the next project, which will be a felted bag. I got the yarn on ebay and it is a not fancy, patons merino in black and olive. I will make something like the bag #3 called snap in "Bags-A Knitter's Dozen." I really like this book and want to make almost every bag in it.

May 25, 2005

Dead Simple Top

Off with the needles...
The last skein of yarn went really fast and now I'm done with the easy eyelet baby blanket. Even the ends are woven in. Wow. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, although there is not much to it design wise. The full photo of the blanket
is somewhat dizzying because of the variegated yarn so I did not post that one. I did get a good close of photo of the edge and yarn label that i have already posted.
On with the needles...
Of course I had to start a new project immediately. I choose to work on Project 2 from the stash list posted previously: Multi Colored viscose/nylon kinda rolled yarns with slubs of ?, Lana Gatto Egitto: purchased for a pattern for a "dead simple" top designed by the owner of a shop called WoolBaa. Why? Because it should be quick to knit with huge 10.5 needles. One possible problem...I only have 7 skeins. Will this be enough? I want full length sleeves, anything between short and long and my arms look oddly short. The somewhat washed out photo on the right shows the texture of the yarn. My mom flew by for a visit this weekend and I think she wants to start a clapotis of her own, using the recommended yarn. This is the yarn I am using for the dead simple top.

May 15, 2005


I am still chugging away on my clapotis scarf and easy eyelet baby blanket.  When I read other people's blogs I am always amazed at what seems like fast progress from super fast knitting. Maybe if my project weren't on size 1 and 2 needles... I like to knit while watching soccer.  Today was the last weekend of English Premier League soccer so perhaps I should sign up for NetFlix to get movies to watch while knitting. I never go OUT to the movies so I would have no trouble picking out movies I have never seen. hum... Speaking of spending money, I need to shop for a new digital camera. Ours is suffering from difficult downloading crashing our computer. Is it the camera or the computer? It used to work perfect. We have had it for about 4 yrs and it suffered severe trauma on a bike ride when the strap broke. The viewing screen is cracked, but it appeared to work well until it started crashing when we were downloading pictures. More research is needed.

May 07, 2005


While my stash may not be as large as others that I have seen, it's still a lot for me. Most of the yarn in my stash was purchased on my trip in Australia last year as it was the only souvenir that I could think of that was made in Australia and not really available at home.
1) Toffee colored 5ply wool, Patons Bluebell: planning on a sweater or cardigan with a little cable detail. Perhaps the Tutti Twist Cardigan from
Knitting on the Edge OR  ZigZag by Véronik Avery from Knitty.
2) Multi Colored viscose/nylon kinda rolled yarns with slubs of ?, Lana Gatto Egitto: Purchased for a pattern for a "dead simple" top designed by the owner of a shop called WoolBaa.
3) 50 g of Purple/Blue 2 ply Merino from Martas (see below). Will make a loose knit scarf on 8 mm needles.
4) Brown Lang Jawoll Cotton superwash sock yarn: Socks of course!
5) Charcoal Lambs Pride Worsted: For either the Market Squares or the Snap Bag in
Bags a Knitters Dozen. I still need to buy the other colors for the bag...
6) Leftovers from Felted Bag (1), and Alpaca Hat and other projects that I am planning to use for smaller bag projects.
Pictures? Maybe when I start each project i will break out the camera...

Now off to get ready for soccer and a visit from the in-laws! When will I get to knit this weekend? Whenever I do or show crafty stuff to my in-laws they say "Oh that looks like so/too much work."  Whereas when showing a project to my mom she says either "I want one/make one." Kniitting, sewing, beading etc these are all ways to relax and express creativity for me that is not allowed in the constrained workplace. I have to tell myself ..different people like different things. Don't get me wrong my in-laws are great. They are 65+ and stronger than me. You should see my FIL with pick axe!

May 02, 2005

Easy Eyelet Blanket

I can tell I am making a lot of progress on one of my projects, "The Easy Eyelet Blanket," by the number of rows that I can finish while carpooling to work. For a while I would only complete 2 maybe 3 rows per trip but since the blanket is knit from the corner up and I have started decreasing I am up to 4 or 5 rows per trip.
052205 EasyEyelet_Web.jpg

May 01, 2005



Lampwork glass beads in clear black and white. Listed and sold on ebay. I love the funcky center bead with encased bubbles and the two clear lentels with white flowers.

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