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July 27, 2005



At last the Tour de France is over and I will do more stuff. Why do I watch the tour? It's just guys riding bikes. I like to watch the scenery. They take great aerial footage of the French countryside. Since I have been resting my leg for over a month I haven't been able to exercise so at least I get to watch somebody burn 5,000 calories a day.  The number of miles traversed each day in almost unbelievable.So now I have taken a picture of my Market Squares Bag now that it is felted. It is 13 in X 12 in and the straps are just right.

I am using the bag to store my new project:
Tutti Twist Cardigan from Knitting on the Edge.

The yarn will be Patons BlueBell 5 ply wool crepe.

I made 4 swatches and will go with US 6 needles.  
This yarn is much thinner than the recommended and the measurements for a small are much larger than I am (even though I sat on the couch for three weekswatching the Tour).   Information from a pattern for a yarn very similar to this yarn tells me that  the exact same number of stitches for a sweater my size EQUALS the number of stitches used in the Tutti Twist pattern. So I think that means I don't
have to do any further calculation.

July 13, 2005

Super Nova

I've got two photos to post:

1) Market Squares bag : PreFelting  
              16.5 inches at the top
              16.5 inches top to bottom
               27 inch straps
2) I attempted a few super nova buttons over the weekend. They came out pretty good I just have to be careful about dirty clear glass before I start. I think with a little more experimenting and some good photgraphy they will be ready for the 'Bay.

July 10, 2005


Knitting News: I finished knitting the Market Squares Bag and have started felting it this weekend. The technique is entrelac and boy am I glad this project was felted because my technique was not perfect, lot of holes and poofs where the squares join together. So far it looks like the felting will cover up all my not so perfect knitting.  It took about 3 weeks to knit. Pictures in next entry.
Clapotis is still being knit ever so slowly...

Non-Knitting News: A while back I went to visit my sister in Milwaukee and happened to be in town at the same time as the Bead and Button show. This a HUGE show with over 900 vendors. It was overwhelming to say the least. I picked up a few beads and some glass and equipment to make beads. I got some cool colors that I wouldn't have thought to buy if I had not seen them in person. Plus I had been eyeing some reduction frits and picked up a sample set so I can test a few before
committing. Plus some regular frit that I plan to use to make buttons that look like marble paperweights.


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