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September 29, 2005


A ton of progress has been made. Let's see...

First. I have made all the parts of the TuttiTwist Cardigan from Knitting on the Edge. If you look at the photo below you will notice that something doesn't seem right. The sleeves look too small and the armpits HUGE Humm. I may have a lot of fixing to do. Keep in mind that each tile in the photo is about a foot.   




 Second: I have made one Christmas pressie. Monster Slippers from StitchnBitch Nation. After seeing these photos my friends will be afraid   to open packages from me! I used two balls of the recommended   Lamb's Pride Bulky in Clemantis (Purple) and two balls of Lion Fun Fur   in Lime. Wow! What a combo. These bad boys are sooo hideous they are almost ok. I think I want to make one more pair as a gift, in a different color combo.   Here they are before felting.   


After felting three+ times in extra hot water!



September 25, 2005


Last weekend I took a basic wire skills class from Connie Fox. She has a great set-up in Old Town, with a studio/classroom and separate room for selling supplies.  She has a support person plus her mom to sell stuff which makes her 100% there for the teaching.  There were 12 people at 3 tables and 1 person off to the side. We learned a basic link bracelet with 14 G wire and a Bangle. I pretty much knew how these where made because she has good tutorials on her website but I wanted to take this class because I had never been REALLY happy with my loops. Turns out I had never had decent tools. I used her loaner set of tools and the difference was immense. Of course I purchased said tools and they were not cheap. I also tried to mix my beads with more silver and other beads in the bangle. It is difficult to find beads with the exact right shape, color and hole size. Overall I have to give the class a pretty good recommendation. (I've been knitting a lot but I'll have to write about that next time.)



September 03, 2005



I just finished reading Knitting by Anne Bartlett. It was OK but I've got to tell you if it didn't have knitting in it wouldn't be the type of book for me. Too Anne Tyler ish

Last month I read a ton of blogs but didn't feel like updating mine. One of the best I found was
youngfemalescientist.blogspot.com. No knitting content but very good writing on what it is like to be a Ph.D. in the biosciences, working on a post doc and applying for academic positions. I wish I had something like this to read BEFORE I started my Ph.D.

I have finished Clapotis by Kate Gilbert from Knitty
I  knit this with hand dyed 2-ply merino in shades of brown from a wool shop in Melbourne called
Marta's on US1 needles. I used less than 100 g of wool and knitted 35 of the repeats in the straight section. It turned out to be a scarf about 10 inches wide and over 6 feet long. It's very soft and light. Here's a close up:


I made a lot of progress on the Tutti Twist cardigan from Knitting on the Edge. I've knit up to the armpits...well, actually knit way past them but something was wrong with my decreases so I had to rip it out and start over.

Here's a detail of the pattern tutti twists:


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