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November 18, 2006

Stashbusting 1991


Our son started day care already and I figured that we needed a bag to tote his diapers, wipes, extra clothes etc. So I looked through my fabric stash and found some sturdy red plaid. This was a really easy bag shaped like a grocery bag that probably didn't require a pattern. It took a day to make with assorted interuptions. I added extra pockets on the narrow sides and used fabric instead of the specified webbing for strapes. I  also made the bag 5 inches wider. I used All the fabric I had, about 1 yd. The bag and pattern (butterick 5824) were purchased in 1991. Since 1991 I have moved ~6 times and never got rid of them. I think I may have some fabric in my stash that is older. Here's to using what I have! I feels good to have one less thing to make in my boxes of sewing stuff.

I need to figure out how to fix my comments and change a few other things. hum...

November 10, 2006

Belated Socktoberfest Update


As of Oct 31st I was turning the heel on these socks knit from Koigu. I started work that week after 12 weeks of maternity leave and haven't had time to blog since. I did however finish these socks Nov 4th. There was some pooling that looks much worse in the photo. Of course the first pattern I used with this wool did not pool at all but was too tight to get over my heel. These fit a little loose and I don't know how that is going to work with shoes.

Here is what I did:

64 stitches 2x2 rib

US 2 double pointed needles

3 inch cuff

2.25 in heel flap, row 1 s1, k1 row 2 s1 p rest

picked up 22 stitches on each side of heel flap

gusset decreases k2g and ssk everyother row

I haven't worn these socks yet because we had a heat wave with temps in the high 70s low 80s. it should cool down this week.

I'm glad I sorta participated in socktober fest. I made 2 pairs of socks, Broadripple out of trecking XL and these Koigu simple 2x2 ribs. There was a lot of great info and links on www.lolly.com and I will be going back to read to get better at knitting socks.

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