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March 31, 2007

TuttiTwist Cardigan sans Buttons

My idea is that I can finish one knitted project a month. I have been doing this since October, mostly socks but still that's progress. This month I was working on a cardigan from a pattern in Knitting on the Edge by nicky epstein called Tutti Twist. the body and collar were already done but I wasn't happy with the sleeves. I reknit the sleeves in the largest size and sewed the pieces together. Today I steam blocked it and I am pretty amazed with the transformation. The fabric went from a thick boring knit to a light drapey material. I still have to fold over the facing on both fronts and sew in place. I can do that in probably two evenings. Plus I need buttons. The bigger issue is: I planned this sweater prebaby and I doesn't quite fit (see below) as loose i would like. I have been lucky to be able to go to the gym a lot in the last month and I can feel the results but i still have a long way to go before most of my clothes fit again. In the next year if there is a choice between knitting and exercising I will have to choose exercise.

033107 034.jpg 



I used less than 10 skeins (50 g) of Patons Blue Bell 5 ply crepe yarn purchased in Australia. Size 6 US clover bamboo needles. I like the straights but hate using the circulars. I think the yarn cost $30 AusDollars.


March 27, 2007

Stash 032706

 The following are the projects I've got lined up in my stash. There are 10 total. Not too bad considering I barely knit last year. Well and plus the stuff that is in progress (a sweater, a scarf and a purse). The projects are

Socks: 2

Sweaters: 2

Scarves: 4 (I hardly wear scarves so may want to rethink those projects or make as gifts)

Baby Blanket: 1

Felted Bags: 1+++


1) Rowan Cotton Glace in Spice. I want to make a cardigan from this. I was thinking about Serrano from Knitty but am not sure about the gauge and will have to swatch. Purchased Midyear 2005? from Cucumber Patch on EBay.


2) Lang Jawoll Cotton for socks. This yarn has been with me all the way to Australia and back. I started a sock but then got distracted and ripped it out. I will probably make some plain socks from this. Purchased Midyear 2004 from EBay. I don't remember the seller.


3) 50 g of Marta's 2 ply merino destined for a lacy scarf. Branching Out Scarf from Knitty? Or something plain? IPOD holder? Purchased at Marta's in Melbourne Dec 2004.


4) Lion's Cotton Ease in white. I planed on Sitcom Chic cardigan from knitty but since it is unlikely that i would wear a sweater this white, this yarn may be better as a baby blanket. Purchased Midyear 2005 from JoAnnes


5) Rowan Kid Silk Haze. Thinking of River from Rowan Magazine 38. Pruchased MidYear 2005 from EBay.


6) Patons Classic Merino: I have many skeins of these to make More felted Bags!!! I am also thinking of making some Monster Slippers from Stitch and Bitch Nation. They have this yarn at Michaels and I usually use my 40% off coupon to get these.


7) Rowan Kid Silk Haze: This was the free kit with the Rowan subscription for 2005. I probably won't make the kit scarf.


8) Rowan Biggy Print in Red for a fitted Zipped Sweater from a free pattern off the Rowan site when I was a member. Puchased on Ebay from Cucumber Patch March 2007.

Rowan BiggyPrint.jpg

9) Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn in Ceder for Cable Net socks from Knitty. Purchased on Ebay Febuary 2007.

030807 LornasLacesSock Ceder.jpg

10) Be Sweet Boucle Mohair in Tomato from Noble Knits in Oceanside closing sale March 2007. For Twisty Scarf from Scarf Style.

030807 Tomato BeSweet Boucle Mohair.jpg

March 13, 2007


 It is already Spring here in So Cal. These snowflakes are my nod to those in the snow, sleet and hail. This Winter seems especially snowy in the North and Northeast. Although there has been a recent warming trend.  My snowflakes are hanging on my living room ceiling and don't photograph well as a group. The instructions to make these are from Martha Stewart Living Winter 1997(?). I used steel wire from the hardware store and soldered three sticks together and decorated the wires with clear glass beads. The soldering worked best if I taped the wire down to a table to stabilze it before trying to solder. Most of the beads I used I purchased at General Bead in San Francisco. The San Francisco store is a must to visit. It is in an alley South of Market St. (637 Minna Street) The employees (owners?) are bedazzeled to the Nth degree and the selection of beads and prices is fantastic. They have an upstairs section full of vintage and crazy beads.

 030707 029.jpg


March 09, 2007

Eye Candy Friday


My husband is an avid succulent collector more specifically caudiciforms and to me this is 'ice plant' but it is really called Marlothistella Stenophylla: Prince Albert. The plant native range is South Africa and does really well in our backyard like most other plants from South Africa.

March 07, 2007



I finally got to make beads after more than a year! I still remember how but I am rusty and slow. These beads took about 2 hours to make. I always like to make a fish or something fun at end of a bead making session. These beads are still on the mandrels (stainless steel sticks) coated with a 'bead release' that I use to melt the glass onto. I want to make more beads! Maybe make some more jewelry.

 Bargin Alert: I found a StitchNBitch page-a-day calander at the 99 cent store. I know it is already March but you can read the first two months pretty fast and then you are caught up.

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