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June 26, 2007

Toxic Mobster



I finally got some self striping yarn from Vesper. The toxic colorway was the last stuff left, but I like greens and browns. The green is super neon not seen since the 80's. It will fun to watch these stripes form. i will probably knit plain stockinette socks with this. I had thought about dying my own self striping yarns because there are some great tutorials out there but I would rather knit or ... sleep.

Plus I got some Lorna Lace's sock yarn from my favorite seller in the colorway pinstrip. I didn't ask if this was a self striping yarn but it will be neat if it is.

I also got two books on socks, Sensational Socks by C. Chruch and Favorite Socks from IK knits.

I'm still slogging away at the Cable Net socks from Knitty with Lorna's Laces socks in ceder. I do a row or two on the way to work but most days after work I'm too spent to think and knit. I'm past the gusset have made it a dozen rows of the foot. Will I really be able to knit the second sock?

June 10, 2007

PomPom Mobile


Last weekend after dinner at our favorite japanese/hawaiian noodle place in Oceanside with my husband and in-laws, I dashed into JoAnn's and grabbed a bag of PomPoms with the idea that I would make a mobile. I used some 24 guage stainless steel wire that we had around the house. It was in a coil so I had to sort of make it straight. Then I strung the pompoms using a needle and thread, tied all the parts together and balanced away. My son loves this mobile especially when it moves in the breeze. This looks better in person than in the photo and looks a better than I thought it would, which is not usually the way quick projects work.

Progress on the cable net socks is slow. Somehow it took me a week to figure out the row setup for the heel flap. I had a tough time decoding the complicated instructions. Knit row 1 of chart C between the redlines 2 times.  lots of other writing. except for size C should knit beyond the red line. Oh and by the way skip a cable crossing in the first row only.  


June 03, 2007

CableNet Socks


For my newest project I picked CableNet Socks from Knitty. Crazy! So far I've knit almost three repeats of the leg chart. I would have been a lot futher (two more repeats plus cuff) if I hadn't thought that I knit it wrong and ripped it all out! Ouch. My husband, son (10 month old) and I are all carpooling to work and daycare on most days, so I've been able to knit about an hour a day. Not bad, except this is three weeks of knitting. Yup that's right three weeks/three repeats. I figure it will take another 4 weeks to finish this sock and then another 7 to finish the second. Maybe I'll get faster? I like this yarn, Lorna's Laces Socks in Ceder, that got on ebay from Birds 'N Yarn. This amount of knitting time is really giving me good value of hours per dollar spent on project/yarn. That's the way I think about shoe and clothing purchases too. If something is expensive I can rationalize it if I will wear it everyday or at least once a week for a year.

The background material is my new ironing board cover from Target. It looks a lot better than my old stained blue one!





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