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October 23, 2007

Toxic Jaywalkers

102307 084.jpg

I finished my Toxic Jaywalkers this weekend. I just had to finish the toe and that seemed to take a while to get to because i was falling asleep every night at around 8! The pattern was Jaywalkers from Mag knits. Size 1 boyle dp aluminum needles. Vesper self striping sock yarn from Knitterly Things in the Toxic colorway. The socks came out ok but they are a little tight going over the heel.

I'm up to 2.5 repeats on the leg of my 2nd cable net sock.

We have been home bound for the past two week days because of the massive brush fires. Many people have had to evacuate. Many homes have burned. We were going to go to the my in-laws but they have just as much smoke and it is less trouble to look after our son here. The fire came very close miles-wise to our house but we live in the middle of town so it was unlikely to come this far. we were ready to evacuate if needed. One of our friends had part of their horse corral burned but the house is said to be untouched. Many of his neighbors lost their houses. He hasn't been able to go back. It seems the 'worst is over' now but it is still smokey and ashy.

Not much knitting goes on when looking after our son, even with the two of us. He is an active little guy. I did crochet this thing for a japanese craft kit/purse kit from MakeMake. fun, but what purpose???

October 05, 2007

Progress Report

 No photos,  but a little progress. I finished one Jaywalker sock and have knit the leg and heel of the second sock. These don't take long at all and the pattern is super easy to remember.

Not so much progress on the second cable net sock...Usually my husband and I carpool but we had to drive separate all week so no car knitting and then a few days I did errands at lunch so no knitting. Maybe next week.

I've been accumulating lots of fabric from here and there on and off the web and I want to get down to sew. mostly bags. With our son, we are have been accumulating little kits of equiment , like to-go bags, that we need for certain activities. So that we can leave the house fast when we can.

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