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January 26, 2008

Brown + Turquoise


 I went through all the beads I have made and made a few bracelets. This is one of my favorites. The big bead in the front is squished flat and the four round ones are lentils. The silver beads are hammered sterling sliver. Other bracelets like this are now in my Etsy shop, Whirlstrom.etsy.com.


January 16, 2008

2007 Review 2008 forecast

2008 Review 

Even though I felt like I was always knitting it seems like I didn't knit that much last year. My finished projects were:

1 Felted Bag: Wobbly Circles Tote

3.5 pairs Socks: Embossed Leaves, Jaywalker, Lang Jawoll cotton, One CableNet sock

1 Child's Jacket: Cable Yoke Jacket

1 Scarf: So-called-scarf

1 Cardigan: TuttiTwist Cardigan reknit the sleeves, seamed and stitched (still need buttons)

Most of my time was spent knitting the CableNet sock...Ah, about 3 months. I knit a lot of it while watching season 1 and 2 of 24 and the rest in the car about a half hour every weekday morning. I have less than half of the second sock done so maybe about 2 months more...

2008 Forecast

Socks: Second Cable Net sock, retro rib, others?

Scarfs: Finish Birch, Start River

Rowan Glace Cardigan

Use Rowan Biggy Yarn for intended cardigan or improvise something else

Mini Felted bags

Sewing: Box Project Totes

Jewelry:  Glass Beads to use to make Bangles and Bracelets



January 13, 2008

Un-Paper Bag

010908 003Web.jpg

This bag is going to be a great summer knitting or reading material tote. I have a few wool felted bags that I loath to carry in the heat of the summer but love to use them in So Cal 'winters'. The fabric is from Joanne's purchased sometime in August 07 (???), the cotton webbing is from jcaroline creative, and the pattern is the 'un-paper' bag. There are a few changes to the pattern I will make when I make a bag again. I will try to document them because the construction details will make the bag look a lot better and make the finishing easier. Specs: bottom is about 10x4 and is about 14 inches tall.

January 11, 2008

Dream Restaurant

Last year I went on a business trip to visit a contract lab in Berkely, CA and I was able to eat at my dream restaurant, Chez Panisse Cafe...on my own dime, but still I was able to go. Chez Pannise opened in 1971 by Alice Waters and a large group of others. I have wanted to go here for about 15 years, but never had the cash to spend. I shouldn't have waited so long. I was so close to eating there earlier in the year when we went up to Berkeley for a wedding. We would have had to wait a little over an hour to get a table for lunch and we had just drove up from So Cal and wanted to get to the hotel. We should have tried the Cheese Board across the street.

The meal was delicious. The menu changes daily I think. I went for lunch, skipped a starter and ordered local albacore tuna roasted in the wood oven with long-cooked romano beans and cherry tomatoes $18  and a glass of house red wine and at the same time before I could back out I ordered dessert, peach, nectarine and blackberry crisp with nayau ice cream $9.50. If I had picked a starter I would have picked Baked Sonoma goat cheese with garden lettuces $9.50 or Cannard Farm pepper bisque $7.50. The day that I went the fixed menu for lunch was garden lettuce salad, spaghetti with shellbeans, hot tomato and ricotta salata and figs, grapes and pear for dessert. $27.00

Physical Space ++, wood floors, mirrors, second floor open windows with a tree outside made it feel like a tree house.

Comfort - Bench seat not too comfy

Main Dish + the tuna was good plus but not excellent. seasoned lightly but I can't remember with what.

Wine +

Dessert++++ the best flavor I've ever tasted. I ate all of it. Devine.

I would eat here again and go out of my way to do so.



January 10, 2008

Retro Rib


At first I started knitting this wool (Koigu KPPM 415) as plain socks with size 1 needles and in fact finished one sock before I figured out I don't like the result. Too small and not stretchy. So, I started the retro rib socks from Interview Knits Favorite Socks. I will knit the leg part longer than I usually do and hope I will have enough yarn.

January 09, 2008

Addition and Subtraction

010808 FabricWeb.jpg

Additions to the fabric pile: Alexander Henry " arvika, naural duck cloth and denim. Subtractions:  Again the dreaded layoff, reorganiziation, redirection of resources. 2/3 of the company laid off Janyuary 3rd. All chemistry, DMPK and all Biology but one. 20 people out of 30. I really liked this job and was learning and producing well. Oh well. Time to hit the streets for another job that I hope lasts longer.

January 08, 2008

Koigu 415

112007_Koigu KPPM_415.jpg

Got some Koigu KPPM dye code 415 for socks. I still deciding on the pattern and will probably do a rib leg with a short row heel or maybe a pattern from the Interweave knits Favorite Sock book or ?

January 02, 2008


 010208 BlueprintCalender.jpg

I printed this 2008 CD calendar that is found here that I saw first at HowAboutOrange. I printed it on resume paper but any paper that is not too see through would do and used the recommended sizing of 85%. Fast and neat. The calendar wasn't my first project for 2008. I made some pillow cases with some number fabric for XYs room. I only had enough material for 1.5 cases so one of the cases has a waffle weave blue fabric on one side that I scavenged (repurposed) from a rather large maternity robe.

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