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June 15, 2008



I love this yarn, Rowan cotton glace. I've had this since ~midyear 2005 (Cucumber Patch on Ebay) and have finally found this project for it. Raveley is fantastic for finding patterns and seeing yarn substitutions. The pattern so far is great and no problem to knit with out a chart. Except I noticed some weird twist I did about halfway through for one row. I spent a whole week doing this kind of surgery, but in the end the result was that not all of the repaired areas looked good. So ripped it went. One note for the pattern is they don't mention that at the end of the very first lace pattern row there are 5 or 6 knit stitches you need to make the pattern symmetrical for each side of the front. and also need to 'do' the pattern stitch here. as well to match the other side. The pattern does not mention this at all! I had to rip out the first time I did this thinking I goofed. The yarn is great because it doesn't fuzz with all the frogging I've had to do.


June 07, 2008

So Close


I am so close to finishing the Birch Stole. The photo shows about 25 stitches more to cast off. I did a sewn bind off and it takes forever compared to regular two needle cast off. I was able to finish binding off these last stitches and now it awaits blocking. My notes say there were 299 stitches total!!! I'd like to block this right now but my son is sleeping and the sound of water sometimes but not always wakes him up while he is napping.

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