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October 28, 2008

Library Bag

XY Books Bag.jpg

This is a canvas bag from a work conference that I covered over with my own material to make a book bag for my son to use when he eventually gets books at the Library. I needed something that my husband wouldn't be too embarrassed to carry, this almost fits the bill on that score.

I got to past the third clue on the mystery sock, somehow they are too tight and don't go over my heel , plus I don't like all the holes from the yarn overs which I knew before I started the sock. Well, now I will rip it and remake into a cable rib or something or rib up to the ribbing and make a plain ribbed sock that goes with the mystery sock rib.  So no socks finished this october although there are still 3 days left. I could finish the violet over black diagonal cross rib socks only if... I probably need about 7 hours to finish the second sock.

October 16, 2008

mystery sock Cuff


It's socktober so I thought I would finish the second diagonal cross rib sock but instead I have started a knit along mystery sock from through the loops. The deal is, part of the pattern is released each week, so far about 60 rows/week. So I'm knitting this sock without knowing what the final product looks like. I'm kntting two socks in series so that i can finish both socks by the end of the month. I have 10 more rows of my second leg to finish (not shoen here) before I start on the heel and whatever is in the third 'clue'. The yarn is hazil knits sock: chocolatier, the needles are susan bates US 0.

Sock Talk

Sock Yarn I'd Like to try: Blue moon socks that rock

Sock Knitting technique I'd Like to try: Two socks on one circular

Sock Yarn that would best for where I live: cotton/wool blend


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