January 02, 2009

2008 Review

the 2008 Craft Summary list is pretty short:

3.5 pairs of socks

One Cable Net Sock (the second one)

Koigu RetroRib Socks

Lorna Laces Pinstripe Socks

Sundara Violet over black Diagonal Cross Rib Socks

Finished and Blocked Rowan KidSilkHaze Birch Rectangular Shawl

Malabrigo Silky Merino Amoroso Clapotis  (no photo yet)

Cashmerino Steel Blue Fetching Mittens (no photo yet)

Sewn Bags:

3 Box bags (Sold one on Etsy, the other two are still available)

1 Un-Paper Bag ( I use this to carry my knitting in the summer)

1 recycled Library Bag (We use to carry kid books)

1 Fruit patterened Lunch Bag (Used as Purse, lunch bag and now mini diaper bag with two diapers and a small pack of wipes)

Not finished but all the knitting is done on the Drops Rowan Glace Cardigan

2009 Forecast

Finish Drops Cardigan

Make something with Red Rowan Biggy Print sweater or slippers

Cardigan with eco wool

4 pairs of socks

mini felted bags

felted clogs

more sewn bags


June 07, 2008

So Close


I am so close to finishing the Birch Stole. The photo shows about 25 stitches more to cast off. I did a sewn bind off and it takes forever compared to regular two needle cast off. I was able to finish binding off these last stitches and now it awaits blocking. My notes say there were 299 stitches total!!! I'd like to block this right now but my son is sleeping and the sound of water sometimes but not always wakes him up while he is napping.

February 21, 2007

Unfinished Business

Many Knitters are writing about their piles of unfinished projects and I have been wanting to do this too. The beginning of the year is a great time to sort through the past!

First Up Tutti Twist Cardigan from Knitting on the Edge.  The photo in the book made the cardigan look so cozy and I had some brown wool (Patons Bluebell)I got on my trip to Australia. I knit most of this while carpooling to work with my husband.I started the cardigan in JULY 2005, knit all the pieces and noticed that the sleeves looked suspiciously small. This is what I have knit already.


My plan to finish the cardigan is to read some tutorials on sleeves in knitty, figure out where i went wrong, knit the sleeves, block and assemble. It shouldn't take too long...

Second is Birch from Rowan.  I am making a modified rectangular version of this wrap. It was started Nov 2005. So far I have knit about 2.5 balls of the Kid Silk Haze, but I stopped knitting this when it got too hot in the summer. One thing I don't like about knitting this is it leaves brown mohair fuzz everywhere. I need a good week to work on this to finish the knitting. I already purchased the blocking wires from Knitpicks and can't wait to experience the lace transformation.


Third is Sophie. I finished this purse Dec 2005 but have thought since then that it needed something. I made this doodle and at first I thought about embroidery but then I was browsing though some patterns on the KnitPicks web site and saw some needle felting that looked a lot like my doodle.




1 122405_SophieDoodle.JPG



This post took forever to put together. At least I learned how to put in links.

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October 03, 2005


I haven't touched my cardigan; newer projects beckon.
Another felted bag. This one is in Charcoal Lambs Pride worsted. I am planning on shaping it with a flair towards the top and ending with either an interesting ruffle from Knitting on the Edge or Fun Fur (Black).  I am learning towards the trim idea and
not fun fur for such a large bag. So far I've got almost two skeins knitted up and will probably need a third. This is good car knitting for my morning and evening commute or occasional lunch time knitting.


I also started the famous Birch. What took me so long. Oh I forgot! I think I look like a Russian peasant woman in shawls.  To counteract this effect I am making a rectangular version...more like a stole. This means that every row will be the same number of stitches and that this project will take while. So far I have done 20 rows. I am using Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Villian (a chocolate brown...what? brown? again? I prefer brown to black because it makes me look less ashen). No photos because of the multitude that are already out there.