November 10, 2006

Belated Socktoberfest Update


As of Oct 31st I was turning the heel on these socks knit from Koigu. I started work that week after 12 weeks of maternity leave and haven't had time to blog since. I did however finish these socks Nov 4th. There was some pooling that looks much worse in the photo. Of course the first pattern I used with this wool did not pool at all but was too tight to get over my heel. These fit a little loose and I don't know how that is going to work with shoes.

Here is what I did:

64 stitches 2x2 rib

US 2 double pointed needles

3 inch cuff

2.25 in heel flap, row 1 s1, k1 row 2 s1 p rest

picked up 22 stitches on each side of heel flap

gusset decreases k2g and ssk everyother row

I haven't worn these socks yet because we had a heat wave with temps in the high 70s low 80s. it should cool down this week.

I'm glad I sorta participated in socktober fest. I made 2 pairs of socks, Broadripple out of trecking XL and these Koigu simple 2x2 ribs. There was a lot of great info and links on and I will be going back to read to get better at knitting socks.

October 25, 2006

Abandon Ship

My Koigu Slip-Ups are no longer. After my last post I wasn't liking them so I frooged and made the heel flap longer. This resulted in a huge gusset. I then figured out that it wasn't the heel flap that was the problem. It was the stitch pattern. The horizontal ribbed pattern was not vertically as stretchy as I would like. So what did I do? I ripped the whole sock out and am now knitting a 2x2 classic sock with heal flap. My original plan for this yarn was Knitty's Falling Leaves but I need an easy sock right now. I working on the gusset now.

October 18, 2006



As you can see from the sidebar I joined Socktober Fest. Nothing like waiting to join everybody else.

I started knitting with the Koigu and it is fabulous and worth it...Dah...that's why so many people like it! So smooth and soft with no stray fluffy hairs. I am using a slipped stitch pattern called "Classy Slip-Up' from the Knit Socks! book by Betsy Lee McCarthy I checked out the library. These socks shall be named the Koigu Slip-Ups. The sock is turning out pretty dense. I also checked out Nancy Bush's Folk Socks for some educational reading.

The leg, heel and gusset are done on the first sock. I've made a fair amount of progress since I figured out how to knit while holding the baby. He's almost three months old now and such a fun little guy. I'm not saying that everything is easy. We are definately sleep deprived and do not have the life we used to have but I think he is classified as an easy baby. I'll be back to work before I know it. I hope day care works for us.