February 22, 2009



I may have been inspired by the new issue of Vogue knitting to try to knit a sweater out of this yarn because I have worked in earnest with this big yarn (Rowan Biggy Print) with even bigger (us 19) than the pictured (us 17) knitting needles. I combined two patterns: the body from Murmur in the Rowan leaflet 'The Next Big Thing' and the sleeves from a zipped fitted jacket pattern from Rowan that I downloaded when I had a subscription Rowan. The sleeves from Murmur were straight up and down and seemed a little too shapeless. I am done with the knitting and have started the seaming. I used eight ginourmous skeins of this yarn. It goes fast because there are so few rows compared to say the Drops cardigan that I have stuffed into a bag awaiting seaming. If the sweater doesn't work out I have plans for Monster slippers complete with fun fur.