January 16, 2008

2007 Review 2008 forecast

2008 Review 

Even though I felt like I was always knitting it seems like I didn't knit that much last year. My finished projects were:

1 Felted Bag: Wobbly Circles Tote

3.5 pairs Socks: Embossed Leaves, Jaywalker, Lang Jawoll cotton, One CableNet sock

1 Child's Jacket: Cable Yoke Jacket

1 Scarf: So-called-scarf

1 Cardigan: TuttiTwist Cardigan reknit the sleeves, seamed and stitched (still need buttons)

Most of my time was spent knitting the CableNet sock...Ah, about 3 months. I knit a lot of it while watching season 1 and 2 of 24 and the rest in the car about a half hour every weekday morning. I have less than half of the second sock done so maybe about 2 months more...

2008 Forecast

Socks: Second Cable Net sock, retro rib, others?

Scarfs: Finish Birch, Start River

Rowan Glace Cardigan

Use Rowan Biggy Yarn for intended cardigan or improvise something else

Mini Felted bags

Sewing: Box Project Totes

Jewelry:  Glass Beads to use to make Bangles and Bracelets



November 27, 2007

Done with the scarf: On with the socks

SoCalled ScarfDetail.jpg

The so-called scarf was a easy knit. Two skeins of Mano del Uruguay in the Granite colorway on size 11 needles. Length? About 6 ft. I didn't keep track of when I finished this. I quickly started a pair of Plain Koigu socks. I started last wednesday before Thanksgiving and am almost to the toe. No pics.

November 07, 2007

Tried of Tiny Needles

103107 015web.jpg

After my swatching with the Biggy Wool and not getting the results that I wanted, I wanted an easy knit . So, last weekend while my husband was getting some skateboard parts I popped into my LYS, Common Threads. I looked at the big wool patterns and found none that I liked for the biggy wool and then got two skeins of Manos del Uruguay in colorway 108 Granite to knit the so-called-scarf that has been on my mind to knit for a while. I probably could have used the biggy wool to make this scarf but I've wanted to try the Manos for a while and this is the perfect project for it. The pattern is easy to remember and suits the yarn. One thing about the yarn. I had to rip out a few times after yucky color pooling in narrower widths than specified in the pattern and the yarn gets a bit ratty after that. Just so you know. These are US size 11 bamboo needles from Clover.