September 07, 2008



I was pleased to get this handpainted sock yarn from Hazel Knits even if that makes 4 pairs of socks in the queue. I want to knit them in the order purchase so I have started knitting Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks from Interweave's Favorite socks with Sundara's violet over black. It is/was hard to get Sundara's yarn and soon Sundara will be going to a subscription only service, which I doubt I will do because I want to buy the exact yarn I want not what is selected for me.

May 25, 2008



These socks are done...weeks ago. But no photo yet. I've trying to take a least one photo of my 1. 75 year son and have been doing pretty well with that. It's fun to record how he changes so fast. For my next project I want to make something with the HABU thread (A tank?)or maybe use the Rowan cotton glace. A cardigan I'm thinking of for the cotton is from DROPs and I found the pattern via Ravelry. The person that knitted this even used the same color yarn I have! It must be meant to be...

June 26, 2007

Toxic Mobster



I finally got some self striping yarn from Vesper. The toxic colorway was the last stuff left, but I like greens and browns. The green is super neon not seen since the 80's. It will fun to watch these stripes form. i will probably knit plain stockinette socks with this. I had thought about dying my own self striping yarns because there are some great tutorials out there but I would rather knit or ... sleep.

Plus I got some Lorna Lace's sock yarn from my favorite seller in the colorway pinstrip. I didn't ask if this was a self striping yarn but it will be neat if it is.

I also got two books on socks, Sensational Socks by C. Chruch and Favorite Socks from IK knits.

I'm still slogging away at the Cable Net socks from Knitty with Lorna's Laces socks in ceder. I do a row or two on the way to work but most days after work I'm too spent to think and knit. I'm past the gusset have made it a dozen rows of the foot. Will I really be able to knit the second sock?

March 27, 2007

Stash 032706

 The following are the projects I've got lined up in my stash. There are 10 total. Not too bad considering I barely knit last year. Well and plus the stuff that is in progress (a sweater, a scarf and a purse). The projects are

Socks: 2

Sweaters: 2

Scarves: 4 (I hardly wear scarves so may want to rethink those projects or make as gifts)

Baby Blanket: 1

Felted Bags: 1+++


1) Rowan Cotton Glace in Spice. I want to make a cardigan from this. I was thinking about Serrano from Knitty but am not sure about the gauge and will have to swatch. Purchased Midyear 2005? from Cucumber Patch on EBay.


2) Lang Jawoll Cotton for socks. This yarn has been with me all the way to Australia and back. I started a sock but then got distracted and ripped it out. I will probably make some plain socks from this. Purchased Midyear 2004 from EBay. I don't remember the seller.


3) 50 g of Marta's 2 ply merino destined for a lacy scarf. Branching Out Scarf from Knitty? Or something plain? IPOD holder? Purchased at Marta's in Melbourne Dec 2004.


4) Lion's Cotton Ease in white. I planed on Sitcom Chic cardigan from knitty but since it is unlikely that i would wear a sweater this white, this yarn may be better as a baby blanket. Purchased Midyear 2005 from JoAnnes


5) Rowan Kid Silk Haze. Thinking of River from Rowan Magazine 38. Pruchased MidYear 2005 from EBay.


6) Patons Classic Merino: I have many skeins of these to make More felted Bags!!! I am also thinking of making some Monster Slippers from Stitch and Bitch Nation. They have this yarn at Michaels and I usually use my 40% off coupon to get these.


7) Rowan Kid Silk Haze: This was the free kit with the Rowan subscription for 2005. I probably won't make the kit scarf.


8) Rowan Biggy Print in Red for a fitted Zipped Sweater from a free pattern off the Rowan site when I was a member. Puchased on Ebay from Cucumber Patch March 2007.

Rowan BiggyPrint.jpg

9) Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn in Ceder for Cable Net socks from Knitty. Purchased on Ebay Febuary 2007.

030807 LornasLacesSock Ceder.jpg

10) Be Sweet Boucle Mohair in Tomato from Noble Knits in Oceanside closing sale March 2007. For Twisty Scarf from Scarf Style.

030807 Tomato BeSweet Boucle Mohair.jpg

May 07, 2005


While my stash may not be as large as others that I have seen, it's still a lot for me. Most of the yarn in my stash was purchased on my trip in Australia last year as it was the only souvenir that I could think of that was made in Australia and not really available at home.
1) Toffee colored 5ply wool, Patons Bluebell: planning on a sweater or cardigan with a little cable detail. Perhaps the Tutti Twist Cardigan from
Knitting on the Edge OR  ZigZag by Véronik Avery from Knitty.
2) Multi Colored viscose/nylon kinda rolled yarns with slubs of ?, Lana Gatto Egitto: Purchased for a pattern for a "dead simple" top designed by the owner of a shop called WoolBaa.
3) 50 g of Purple/Blue 2 ply Merino from Martas (see below). Will make a loose knit scarf on 8 mm needles.
4) Brown Lang Jawoll Cotton superwash sock yarn: Socks of course!
5) Charcoal Lambs Pride Worsted: For either the Market Squares or the Snap Bag in
Bags a Knitters Dozen. I still need to buy the other colors for the bag...
6) Leftovers from Felted Bag (1), and Alpaca Hat and other projects that I am planning to use for smaller bag projects.
Pictures? Maybe when I start each project i will break out the camera...

Now off to get ready for soccer and a visit from the in-laws! When will I get to knit this weekend? Whenever I do or show crafty stuff to my in-laws they say "Oh that looks like so/too much work."  Whereas when showing a project to my mom she says either "I want one/make one." Kniitting, sewing, beading etc these are all ways to relax and express creativity for me that is not allowed in the constrained workplace. I have to tell myself ..different people like different things. Don't get me wrong my in-laws are great. They are 65+ and stronger than me. You should see my FIL with pick axe!