January 02, 2009

2008 Review

the 2008 Craft Summary list is pretty short:

3.5 pairs of socks

One Cable Net Sock (the second one)

Koigu RetroRib Socks

Lorna Laces Pinstripe Socks

Sundara Violet over black Diagonal Cross Rib Socks

Finished and Blocked Rowan KidSilkHaze Birch Rectangular Shawl

Malabrigo Silky Merino Amoroso Clapotis  (no photo yet)

Cashmerino Steel Blue Fetching Mittens (no photo yet)

Sewn Bags:

3 Box bags (Sold one on Etsy, the other two are still available)

1 Un-Paper Bag ( I use this to carry my knitting in the summer)

1 recycled Library Bag (We use to carry kid books)

1 Fruit patterened Lunch Bag (Used as Purse, lunch bag and now mini diaper bag with two diapers and a small pack of wipes)

Not finished but all the knitting is done on the Drops Rowan Glace Cardigan

2009 Forecast

Finish Drops Cardigan

Make something with Red Rowan Biggy Print sweater or slippers

Cardigan with eco wool

4 pairs of socks

mini felted bags

felted clogs

more sewn bags


December 08, 2008

Black over Violet


These socks fit wonderfully. Soft and cushy and so warm good for the office which is often very cold. These were started Aug 23, 2008 and finished Nov 11, 2008. The yarn is Sundara sock Black over violet. The Pattern is Diagonal Cross Rib from Interweave Favorite Socks. needles Aluminum Size 0. 

I have cast off and blocked the pieces for the Drops cardigan of Rowan cotton glace. The next task is to seam it all up by the end of the year.

Also started but no pics are: Fetching hand warmers in steel blue and another Clapotis in Malbrigo Silky Merino Ameroso.

November 12, 2008



I made this small bag to carry my lunch to work because the plastic bags I was using were looking pretty bad. Now I like to carry my wallet, keys, sunglasses and phone so now it's a purse/lunch bag. In person the fabrics look good together but i'm not sure they look good in a photo. It will work for now.

September 28, 2008



I'm almost to the toe on my first Sundara Violet over Black sock. The sleeves of my Drops cardigan I don't feel are right so i'm pausing for a while until I can think of a solution. We went to PB over the weekend and happened upon Needlecraft Cottage on the way to the skate board shop. Neat store, nice people. I came out with two skiens with of Cascade Ecological Wool (planned for patons urban aran cardigan ala Brooklyn Tween) and four skiens of Malabrigo silky merino in the color way amoroso 157 for some sort of wrap.