January 16, 2008

2007 Review 2008 forecast

2008 Review 

Even though I felt like I was always knitting it seems like I didn't knit that much last year. My finished projects were:

1 Felted Bag: Wobbly Circles Tote

3.5 pairs Socks: Embossed Leaves, Jaywalker, Lang Jawoll cotton, One CableNet sock

1 Child's Jacket: Cable Yoke Jacket

1 Scarf: So-called-scarf

1 Cardigan: TuttiTwist Cardigan reknit the sleeves, seamed and stitched (still need buttons)

Most of my time was spent knitting the CableNet sock...Ah, about 3 months. I knit a lot of it while watching season 1 and 2 of 24 and the rest in the car about a half hour every weekday morning. I have less than half of the second sock done so maybe about 2 months more...

2008 Forecast

Socks: Second Cable Net sock, retro rib, others?

Scarfs: Finish Birch, Start River

Rowan Glace Cardigan

Use Rowan Biggy Yarn for intended cardigan or improvise something else

Mini Felted bags

Sewing: Box Project Totes

Jewelry:  Glass Beads to use to make Bangles and Bracelets



March 31, 2007

TuttiTwist Cardigan sans Buttons

My idea is that I can finish one knitted project a month. I have been doing this since October, mostly socks but still that's progress. This month I was working on a cardigan from a pattern in Knitting on the Edge by nicky epstein called Tutti Twist. the body and collar were already done but I wasn't happy with the sleeves. I reknit the sleeves in the largest size and sewed the pieces together. Today I steam blocked it and I am pretty amazed with the transformation. The fabric went from a thick boring knit to a light drapey material. I still have to fold over the facing on both fronts and sew in place. I can do that in probably two evenings. Plus I need buttons. The bigger issue is: I planned this sweater prebaby and I doesn't quite fit (see below) as loose i would like. I have been lucky to be able to go to the gym a lot in the last month and I can feel the results but i still have a long way to go before most of my clothes fit again. In the next year if there is a choice between knitting and exercising I will have to choose exercise.

033107 034.jpg 



I used less than 10 skeins (50 g) of Patons Blue Bell 5 ply crepe yarn purchased in Australia. Size 6 US clover bamboo needles. I like the straights but hate using the circulars. I think the yarn cost $30 AusDollars.


February 21, 2007

Unfinished Business

Many Knitters are writing about their piles of unfinished projects and I have been wanting to do this too. The beginning of the year is a great time to sort through the past!

First Up Tutti Twist Cardigan from Knitting on the Edge.  The photo in the book made the cardigan look so cozy and I had some brown wool (Patons Bluebell)I got on my trip to Australia. I knit most of this while carpooling to work with my husband.I started the cardigan in JULY 2005, knit all the pieces and noticed that the sleeves looked suspiciously small. This is what I have knit already.


My plan to finish the cardigan is to read some tutorials on sleeves in knitty, figure out where i went wrong, knit the sleeves, block and assemble. It shouldn't take too long...

Second is Birch from Rowan.  I am making a modified rectangular version of this wrap. It was started Nov 2005. So far I have knit about 2.5 balls of the Kid Silk Haze, but I stopped knitting this when it got too hot in the summer. One thing I don't like about knitting this is it leaves brown mohair fuzz everywhere. I need a good week to work on this to finish the knitting. I already purchased the blocking wires from Knitpicks and can't wait to experience the lace transformation.


Third is Sophie. I finished this purse Dec 2005 but have thought since then that it needed something. I made this doodle and at first I thought about embroidery but then I was browsing though some patterns on the KnitPicks web site and saw some needle felting that looked a lot like my doodle.




1 122405_SophieDoodle.JPG



This post took forever to put together. At least I learned how to put in links.

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September 29, 2005


A ton of progress has been made. Let's see...

First. I have made all the parts of the TuttiTwist Cardigan from Knitting on the Edge. If you look at the photo below you will notice that something doesn't seem right. The sleeves look too small and the armpits HUGE Humm. I may have a lot of fixing to do. Keep in mind that each tile in the photo is about a foot.   




 Second: I have made one Christmas pressie. Monster Slippers from StitchnBitch Nation. After seeing these photos my friends will be afraid   to open packages from me! I used two balls of the recommended   Lamb's Pride Bulky in Clemantis (Purple) and two balls of Lion Fun Fur   in Lime. Wow! What a combo. These bad boys are sooo hideous they are almost ok. I think I want to make one more pair as a gift, in a different color combo.   Here they are before felting.   


After felting three+ times in extra hot water!



September 03, 2005



I just finished reading Knitting by Anne Bartlett. It was OK but I've got to tell you if it didn't have knitting in it wouldn't be the type of book for me. Too Anne Tyler ish

Last month I read a ton of blogs but didn't feel like updating mine. One of the best I found was No knitting content but very good writing on what it is like to be a Ph.D. in the biosciences, working on a post doc and applying for academic positions. I wish I had something like this to read BEFORE I started my Ph.D.

I have finished Clapotis by Kate Gilbert from Knitty
I  knit this with hand dyed 2-ply merino in shades of brown from a wool shop in Melbourne called
Marta's on US1 needles. I used less than 100 g of wool and knitted 35 of the repeats in the straight section. It turned out to be a scarf about 10 inches wide and over 6 feet long. It's very soft and light. Here's a close up:


I made a lot of progress on the Tutti Twist cardigan from Knitting on the Edge. I've knit up to the armpits...well, actually knit way past them but something was wrong with my decreases so I had to rip it out and start over.

Here's a detail of the pattern tutti twists:


May 07, 2005


While my stash may not be as large as others that I have seen, it's still a lot for me. Most of the yarn in my stash was purchased on my trip in Australia last year as it was the only souvenir that I could think of that was made in Australia and not really available at home.
1) Toffee colored 5ply wool, Patons Bluebell: planning on a sweater or cardigan with a little cable detail. Perhaps the Tutti Twist Cardigan from
Knitting on the Edge OR  ZigZag by Véronik Avery from Knitty.
2) Multi Colored viscose/nylon kinda rolled yarns with slubs of ?, Lana Gatto Egitto: Purchased for a pattern for a "dead simple" top designed by the owner of a shop called WoolBaa.
3) 50 g of Purple/Blue 2 ply Merino from Martas (see below). Will make a loose knit scarf on 8 mm needles.
4) Brown Lang Jawoll Cotton superwash sock yarn: Socks of course!
5) Charcoal Lambs Pride Worsted: For either the Market Squares or the Snap Bag in
Bags a Knitters Dozen. I still need to buy the other colors for the bag...
6) Leftovers from Felted Bag (1), and Alpaca Hat and other projects that I am planning to use for smaller bag projects.
Pictures? Maybe when I start each project i will break out the camera...

Now off to get ready for soccer and a visit from the in-laws! When will I get to knit this weekend? Whenever I do or show crafty stuff to my in-laws they say "Oh that looks like so/too much work."  Whereas when showing a project to my mom she says either "I want one/make one." Kniitting, sewing, beading etc these are all ways to relax and express creativity for me that is not allowed in the constrained workplace. I have to tell myself ..different people like different things. Don't get me wrong my in-laws are great. They are 65+ and stronger than me. You should see my FIL with pick axe!