March 08, 2008

Crib Bumper Refashion

021608 XY quiltb.jpg

Last year on my time between jobs I reused the fabric that I had used the year before to remake XY's crib bumpers into a quilt. Crib bumpers I found were not really needed. First XY slept in the room with us or his small bassinet, then all the books say take out everything so your child doesn't climp out etc. So the bumpers sat in the room taking up space until I ripped them apart and used the fabric to make a quilt about the length and and a little wider than the width of the crib. The middle has three white panels that alternate with black panels. The whole quilt is bordered with the black panels. I machine quilted lots of lines very close to each other leaving a retangle unquilted in the middle of each center panel. The outside borders are heavily quilted all over.

Current knitting progress is slow, a 10 or so rows of Birch and a few inches of the retro-rib socks. I'm back in the working force so time will be limited again. Plus the little guy is sick going on day 6, fever , ear infection plus upper molars coming in.

February 13, 2008



Anything we do around the house, our son likes to help. Outside he likes to play with the watering can and the hose while we weed or water. In the house, he loooves to swiffer, sweep and pretend to use a dustbuster. Here he is pretending to vacuum with a roll of funky monkey fat quarters I bought myself for my bday last year. The closest quilt shop to me is Sowing Sisters in Carlsbad and they give a 20% discount for your bday week. They were super nice to me and let me get the discount a day early. Plus they have a great selection and atmosphere.

April 30, 2007

My neighbor's roses


My 75+ year old neighbor has the most amazing roses. These are two of his roses that have fragrance. I love the contrast of the the super frillly pink rose and the simple 5 petal red rose.

My paper flowers are done. My little son loves to look up at them. Sometimes he giggles and sometimes it helps him burp. There are twenty flowers hanging on my living room ceiling. 10 of the ones made with petals and 10 of the fringe ones.


Also done are a pair of socks out of Lang Jawoll cotton super wash. I expected to get one pair from a skein since I like short socks, but they were heavily cabled so they used a toe over one skein. I can make a simple pair of plain socks with the remainder of the yarn. The varigation of the yarn makes the cables hard to photograph.

042607 014.jpg

edited to add details of socks:

Yarn: Lang Jawoll Cotton Superwash 49% wool 35% cotton 16% nylon purchased Spring 2004/EBAY

Needles: Size 1 Al dpn

64 stitches. 2x2 rib. no cuff. Cable every third row. Hourglass heel. Stockinette sole and toe.

If I made them again I would cable every 4th or 5th row and continue cable through the toe.

April 02, 2007

Brazil Room Tilden Park

032707 060.jpg

We took our first Road Trip with the Baby (7.5 months) last weekend. We drove to Berkeley for a family wedding. The drive went way better than expected. He had his Grandparents in the back seat to entertain him and we tried to stop as little as possible, especially if he was asleep. The wedding reception was in Tilden park above UCBerkeley in the Brazil Room and outside were two beautiful blooming cherry trees. I'll bet the bride and groom got some great photos under these trees.